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We serve retail loan officers who face increased demands in a highly competitive marketplace to forge loyal relationships with REALTORS®. Unlike other mortgage marketing firms that offer cookie-cutter style products, we focus on creating one-of-a-kind solutions that help loan officers differentiate their service from competitors and attract REALTORS® without chasing them.

Jeffrey Nelson
Agent Magnet Coach

Jeffrey NelsonJeff’s career began in 1993 traveling the United States and Canada promoting Tom Hopkins professional development courses to real estate agents and mortgage professionals.

After selling to more than 5000 companies and thousands of real estate agents and loan officers, he formed his own consulting firm in 1999 to exclusively train loan officers on how to get clients from real estate agents.

He is the author of the popular program, Become an Agent Magnet, and creator of the Quick Start System. Jeff’s solutions concentrate on helping each loan officer find their unique qualities that help them stand out
from competition. His responsibilities include:

  • Teaching & Support. Helping you to absorb the principles of marketing to Realtors so you get clients fast.
  • Positioning. Helping you implement one-of-a-kind strategies so you differentiate from competitors.
  • Packaging. Helping you develop a distinct personal brand so you build a reputation in the real estate community as an expert.

Jeff’s favorite color is green, he loves all food except liver and is a big Harry Potter fan. He attended Arizona State University and the University of Texas – El Paso.

He resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and two daughters.

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